Sirius Rally Team

Getting 'Sirius' about Rallying


Sirius Rally Team Members are planning to compete in or volunteer @ these upcoming events:

ALCAN 5000 FEBRUARY 17-26, 2008

February 9-10, 2008
Thunderbird TSD Rally Merritt / Kamloops BC

January 20, 2008
RallyBC IceX #1Barnes Lake BC
Ian Boyd Barrett, Jennifer Daly, Dave Hood, Gord Ryall, Onur Tezcan

November 17-18, 2007
Totem TSD Cache Creek BC
Jennifer Daly and August Ustare

November 10-11, 2007
Kananaskis Regional Stage Rally Calgary AB
Mark Jennings-Bates and Jennifer Daly

November 3, 2007
Armageddon TSD Concrete WA
Jennifer Daly and Gord Ryall

October 27-28, 2007
Midnight TSD RallyNanaimo BC

October 20-21, 2007
Pacific Forest National Stage Rally Merritt BC
Jennifer Daly and Mark Jennings-Bates

October 6, 2007
Night on Bald Mountain TSD RallyTurnwater WA
Jennifer Daly and Gord Ryall

August 18-19, 2007
Gold Digger TSD RallyPemberton BC
Gord Ryall and Jennifer Daly

July 21, 2007
SnoGit TSD Rally Marysville WA

June 16-17, 2007
Mountain Trials Regional Stage Rally Merritt BC

May 26-27, 2007
Rocky Mountain National Stage RallyCalgary AB

May 19-20, 2007
Olympus National Stage RallyOlympia WA

May 12-13, 2007
Mind Over Mountain Adventure RaceSquamish BC
Coast to Coast TSD RallyNanaimo BC

April 28-29, 2007
Heart of Darkness TSD Rally Hope BC

April 19-22, 2007
Oregon Trail National Stage Rally Portland OR

March 17-18, 2007
Cochrane Regional Stage RallyCochrane AB

February 24-25, 2007
DooWops Stage Club RallyAberdeen WA

February 16-17, 2007
50th Thunderbird TSD RallyMerritt/Vernon BC

February 11, 2007
IceX #2Barnes Lake BC

January 29, 2007
IceX #1 Barnes Lake BC


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