Sirius Rally Team

Getting 'Sirius' about Rallying


Our Rally Team is composed of enthusiasts who are Stage & TSD Rallying in the Pacific Northwest….

sirius.jpgIn February 2008 Jennifer Daly, Gordon Ryall and August Ustare joined up to compete in a 5000 mile rally from Washington into the great cold North and back again. The Alcan Rally began in 1984 and is one of the major driving event challenges in North America. The Sirius Rally WRX wagon carried the team to an 11th overall finish, and second in class IE. The rally began in Kirkland WA, traveled north to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic ocean, and finished in Jasper AB. The BC crew was joined by Evans and Josh Keatley from ON and AB, in their rescued Subaru Forester, and Bill Beers and Doug Heredos in a Dodge Ram truck. The Sirius team took second place in the team competition.

Click HERE to follow the Sirius Team via Rom Comm’s real time TRACKER for the entire Alcan journey.

Contact for more information.


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