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You Can’t Win A Rally From A Snowbank, Redux.

My old timer rally mentors have always said that to be a true rally driver, one must master 2WD.  It can be very easy to step into an AWD, ABS, GPS and rally computerized setup and take on the biggest TSD of the season, but this weekend, Simon and I are doing things a little differently.  He’s doing all the math on paper, crunching numbers in his head, and I’m driving his beater VW with only two wheels driven and more decals than horsepower.

We ended up with a proud 63 points on the day, a true feat in paper class, until I stuffed the front end into a snowbank a few km before the end of the last scored regularity, which inflated our total to 375.  Simon seems thrilled to have added slamming into snowbanks, shoveling for his life and jumping into a moving car to his list of experiences, and his newbie enthusiasm is infectious.

He’s very right to say that we’re lucky to have finished at all, given the meteorlogical tirade unleashed upon BC today.  The Thunderbird entrants and volunteers faced thick, visibility sucking snow, great winds, massive snowdrifts, flash floods and torrential rain.  The last regularity was cancelled, a rare change only seen in extreme conditions, and my shoulders are still in knots from the death grip I held on the steering wheel from dusk until we arrived in Kamloops.

I can’t report for certain how things stand at the top, because there’s still paperwork and time decks to be done, and it’s all very serious in the unlimited class.  After even he required extraction from car 1, the rallymaster will probably be up most of the night sorting it out.  I can say that our Eis Munky teammates are fairing fantastically, and we might have even been the leading team, if Simon and I hadn’t stuffed it.  Glenn and R Dale are in first place, our historic entry is barely into the double digits, and our novices have only 85 points.  The only Eis Munky entry that might be having more fun than Simon and I is Warwick and Izzy, who are sitting high up in the huge calculator class, with 121 points.  All these results are non official, and highly subject to the rumour mill and hearsay that permeates the end of TSD day one.

We’re all looking forward to a clean start tomorrow, and it’s not impossible that the Eis Munkys could bring home the team prize, despite my intial assertion that we’re just in it for the stickers and cookies.

On my 32nd birthday, I am embracing the time we spent in the snowbanks today, and I’m proud to be pursing something that I love, despite the fact that I’m really not very good at it.  Rally, maybe like most motorsports, is a fickle mistress.  The highs are euphoric and rewarding, but the lows are harsh and can linger, if I choose to let them.  I’m so thankful for dear codrivers and friends who remind me that finishing and enjoying the adrenaline ride are the best reasons to do it over and over again, and who really think this is epic fun, even when we don’t ‘succeed.’

As I write this, my codriver is still so dedicated and churning out endless pages of paper aiming to keep us on time for day two, and it seems clear that what matters is the stories we can hear and tell tomorrow, and the memorable and engaging company we’ve enjoyed during our crazy two day adventure on the backroads of BC.  TSD rally is a wicked, thrilling way to spend a weekend, and it attracts some of my favourite people ever.  This event has been a tough but lovely birthday gift, and we’re only halfway there.


February 13, 2011 - Posted by | 2011, Eis Munky Rally Team, TSD Rally

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