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Eis Munky RT Fills Every Class at 2011 Thunderbird TSD

After missing the exit to the City Centre and nearly ending up with a detour through Helmer stage, Simon and I arrived in Merritt tonight to get ourselves ready for TBird tomorrow. With a big entry field and lots of Alcan teammates returning, I’m really excited to drive the wheels off Simon’s newly repaired Jetta this weekend. Huge thanks to Craig Ross of Classic Auto Repair (Armstrong BC) and XRoss Motorsports for the mechanical wisdom and muscle this week.

The tone of the event was clearly set when I received the following text from Alex as we pulled into HQ:

“One of the teams brought a keg.”

Nice. I sampled some of the delicious Scottish Ale generously provided by Ryan and Jack of car 22, a flat black Volvo that I narrowly missed recruiting onto our Eis Munky RT as I lurked around the scrutineer, hoping our turn for tech would come. The beer they shared made the fact that we barely passed tech inspection that much more entertaining. Instead of the friendly Volvo team, we gained Mike and Garth in the red superbeetle as our historic entry, in a car that I’m fairly certain I’ve seen on its roof at least once in the past. It’s clear that this year’s Eis Munkys have good company, sweet decals and delicious snacks as our priorities, and my hopes are on team AFRICA for the Savoia Aero Trophy.

The one hundred competitors registered for this year’s Thunderbird TSD Rally have retired to their hotel rooms, resting up, or doing seemingly endless calculations, depending on which seat they’re riding in tomorrow. The talk at tech this evening predictably centred around the weather, in particular, rising temperatures that could turn the two day back road adventure into a messy slush fest. With showers and highs of nine degrees Celsius forecasted for Kamloops tomorrow, teams far back in the large field could be facing deep ruts and difficult conditions, and the weather would seem to favour the unlimited teams at the front end of the start order. The entry field this year features a much larger percentage of historic entries, and this class will be very competitive.

The Thunderbird TSD Rally is the most renowned and celebrated TSD in the Pacific Northwest. Teams have travelled from as far away as Arizona and Saskatchewan to rally in pursuit of perfect timing over two days and almost 400 km of challenging winter regularities. Fourteen previous winners are participating this year, including multi year winning team Satch Carlson / Russ Kraushaar, and multi year winning drivers Peter Hill and Glenn Wallace.

The 2011 Eis Munky Rally Team is a lively and complete one, with a car from every single possible class. The Eis Munky Rally Team for 2011 will be:

03 Glenn Wallace (WA) & R.Dale Kraushaar (AZ) Subaru Forester (unlimited)

29 Warwick Patterson (BC) & Izzie Egan (BC) Subaru Impreza Wagon (calculator)

32 Jennifer Daly (BC) & Simon Oakley (BC) VW Jetta (paper)

40 Jeremy Bourdon (BC) & Andrew Purnell (BC) Subaru Sti (novice)

50 Mike Palm (WA) & Garth Hales (WA) VW Superbeetle (historic)

Thunderbird will be the very first TSD for both members of the Eis Munky novice entry and Izzie, the calculator class navvie.   The Thunderbird Rally has a notable history of inducting new and unsuspecting rallyists into winter driving under duress, and this weekend is likely to be no exception. In 2005 Jennifer and codriver August Ustare accumulated a massive points total after high centering on a snowbank, costing Arctic Challengers teammates Glenn and R Dale the overall team win. Six years and a 2008 Winter Alcan Adventure later, Glenn and R Dale seem to have forgiven her, as they agreed to join the 2011 Eis Munky RT. Glenn and R Dale are essentially the team anchors, and the entry most likely to succeed this weekend. The rest of the entries will be happy to finish, although Jennifer and Simon will gain at least second in class if they don’t DNF, as one of the only two entries brave enough to tackle paper class.

Car 32 will be tracked through Helios Global Tracking, and can be followed by logging in HERE.

login: rally
password: markzoom

Follow the pre event thread and updates HERE.

Twitter updates should be available under #bcrally, and if we’re not exhausted or partying, I’ll try and keep things up to date here.

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