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You Can’t Win a Rally From a Snowbank.

The 2010 Trail of the Gnu TSD Rally lived up to its growing reputation as a brisk, challenging and exciting event, drawing teams from as far away as Seattle, Montana and Saskatchewan.  This year the roads were clear gravel or glare ice in most spots, but the conditions everyone is still talking about were the huge car sucking mud bogs and puddles that surprised teams in many places.  The rallymasters were credited with creativity, a good sense of humour, and an evil streak, as the teams navigated very tight corners, multiple direction junctions and sadistic checkpoint locations.

Jennifer and Leanne started the sunny morning with an accurate odo and a lot of anticipation.  The early regs were accurate and the feeling was great, but Jennifer found it hard to keep on time through the slogging mud sections by mid day.  A lapse in concentration caught her out on one of the middle regs, and the car ended up high centred on a snowbank.  With Leanne waving the tow rope and Jennifer frantically digging the car out, Gnu became a trap rally for the cars following: can anyone drive past two girls stuck in a snowbank?  This turned out to be a very tough test for the naturally sportsmanlike TSD’rs, and every car slowed to offer assistance.  

After a valiant attempt by James and Cynthia, the girls waved some 2WD cars through, and were eventually rescued by car 9, Jason and Shane, who finished just off the podium as a result of this assistance.  On the first pull, their car stalled, and they stayed for a second try even after requiring a bump start from a Golf.  

Trail of the Gnu is the best TSD in Western Canada.  Pending availability of the right car, the Sirius Rally Team will be sure not to miss this event next year.  Immense thanks to Alex for the car, Leanne for the top notch codriving and company, and to Jason and Shane for getting us back in the rally.

Link to 2010 results HERE.

Link to pics from IstaPhoto HERE.

Link to rally story by 2010 Gnu winner HERE.

(photo credit Craig Greenwell)


April 9, 2010 - Posted by | 2009, Rally Aftermath, TSD Rally

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