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Day 4: Sirius Team Sleeps In & Takes Fastest IceX Lap

In rally competition terms, day 4 of the Alcan 5000 was a big one for the Sirius Rally Team. The morning started sunny and with the plan of maintaining a close 2nd in class, but we awoke at 8:10 and our in time for the first TSD was 8:15. We learned that rush hour traffic in Whitehorse occurs between 8:00 and 8:30. It might be the only stop on the Alcan that actually has a rush hour. Gord and August, capable of rushing out the door much faster than I, made it to the regularity before it closed, but managed maximum points. A 200 point addition to our total score will likely put us out of contention for the class and team wins, and has happily caused us to focus on the fun and the adventure, instead of the point by point obsession.

That said, I’m proud to report that Gord ran the fastest lap at the first iceX this morning. It was a very close margin against a perennial stage rally driver who has apparently piled the points on other teams in the past. August put in a smooth and quick single run, and I reached a new level of sideways rhythm before stuffing it in the bank mere inches from the finish line. Josh excelled and achieved drift and impressive stage times despite lacking a turbo. The most fun of the iceX was watching Bill and Doug in the Dodge shining their rims on all the snowbanks and pinning it through the straights. Our car 17 was sternly scolded for waiting in the finish area, but the 360 from the Dodge coming in after us was elective and not necessary to avoid us. Josh and Evans were able to visit with Josh’s long time friend and her kids who are living in Whitehorse. We got some great local info about a stop on our afternoon transit that featured gigantic cinnamon buns and mushers with dog teams crossing the finish line of the Yukon Quest Dogsled Race. We kept a casual pace all afternoon, dawdling along the road from Whitehorse to Dawson City. The weather was looking unfavorable for eclipse viewing, but we located the moon through the clouds just before the eclipse was complete, and we stopped to watch it when it was clear enough to see it emerging from the earth’s shadow. Evans later told me that he had seen the bright full moon early in the evening and wondered where it had gone. I wish I could have asked him to point it out to me because I almost missed in entirely.

With our eyes on the skies we ended up being the last team into Dawson, and hadn’t finished dinner before some of our new friends left the pub for bed. We heard from another competitor that it was our teammate Doug’s birthday on day 5 tomorrow. I really think birthdays should be a big deal, and an occasion with limited resources is extra fun. Everyone who was left in the bar gathered together to figure out how to wish Doug ‘Happy Birthday’ in ‘on the road to the Arctic’ style. Of course there’s not a balloon or cupcake to be found in Dawson at midnight in the winter, so we relied on toilet paper, shaving cream, drinking straws, zap straps and inflated condoms. We plastered our birthday wishes all over the big Dodge truck, in an occasion of decoration, or vandalism, depending on whom you ask (read Doug’s blog for details). Katie, one of the volunteers, happened to have a photo printer and some cardstock for impromptu cards, which Kristen, Steve and others managed to get signed by pretty much everyone on the rally. Gord spent a good chunk of the evening working on a blue Subaru that was leaking fuel because of the cold. He got a round of applause for his fastest lap at dinner, and after the car was fixed, he joined us for a toast to a great iceX. We crawled into bed way too late, but it was a great day on the Alcan.


February 21, 2008 - Posted by | 2008 Winter Alcan 5000, Alcan Car 17 the rex

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  1. Gord – tks for helping out big time with Stevan’s car – he really really appreciated more than u know – big koodos to u and your team – race well, & safe
    Barb/Gerry Arychuk (Stevan’s parents)

    Comment by Barb/Gerry | February 22, 2008 | Reply

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