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Getting 'Sirius' about Rallying

The view from car 16 – Day 1

It looks surprisingly like the back end of a GMC Envoy, at least some of the time.  More on that later!

Sunday started cold and sunny, with a coating of frost on the cars in Kirkland.  We had a few stickers to add to the Forester before the official start, then some team photos in the parking lot.  Bill and Doug’s truck is roughly eight times larger than the other two cars on the Sirius team, put together. 

From the start at the hotel, we transited north to the start of the first TSD, Mosquito Lake.  This was a 39.5 mile twisty paved road through the Washington countryside.  Fun road, and plenty of checkpoints to catch out our rusty TSD rally skills.  No major dramas for us at this stage, and the regularity ended a short drive from the Sumas border crossing.  A quick hop back into Canada, and we were heading north through the Fraser Canyon to Williams Lake.  This transit was 312 miles long, and took us from 10:46 am until 6:15 pm.  We had a little extra time when we arrived in Williams Lake, so we took a few minutes to replace the relay for one set of our driving lights before the night’s TSD.  The wiring for the lights kept blowing fuses mysteriously, so we fixed that again.

Then, it was time for the short Soda Creek TSD, and our first real taste of ice and snow since we finished driving the Coquihalla on Friday night.  The starting order has us behind a rented GMC Envoy SUV.  Around 15 miles into the 17 mile TSD, we caught up to them.  This means that we were either a) a minute early (bad) or b) they were a minute late (bad for them, not too bad for us).  We’re going with b), at least until we see the scores!  Because we were stuck behind them for a few miles, we lost some time at a couple of checkpoints.  For those of you contemplating TSD rallying, proper etiquette when caught by another car is to pull over and let them by.  No big deal though!

Another medium transit north to Quesnel, and we’re getting settled in for the night.



February 17, 2008 - Posted by | 2008 Winter Alcan 5000

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