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Alcan Winter Rally DAY 0 in Review

sirius.jpgHere’s the big news from Kirkland today: the crew has added another car… err – TRUCK – to the team! The Sirius Rally Team welcomes Bill Beers and Doug Heredos from Oregon in their big Dodge Ram. All three Sirius entries will run together with start order numbers 16, 17 and 18. The team has the distinction of being a pure novice crew because no one on the team has ever entered an Alcan event. We needed another vehicle to be eligible for the team prize; Bill and Doug have stage rally experience, and valuable ‘pullling us out of the ditch’ potential. They’re in the Alcan for the fun and the adventure, just like the rest of the Sirius Team.

We came for the adventure, but August and Gord switched into full on ‘TSD nerd’ mode when they turned to pouring over the routebook tonight. Gord has been working on a TSD spreadsheet to make the codriving for the calculated sections easier, and although August wasn’t sold on the idea initially, the two of them dialed in all the math for tomorrow, despite routebook errors. I’m feeling pretty darn lucky to have such great teammates! They ended up working the laptop and routebook in the middle of the reception, sending a few codrivers back to their rooms to get at the math as well. We also sorted out the odometer on the way to Kirkland today, and, happily, it’s looking like we haven’t crammed too much stuff in the Rex.

Gord drove from Squamish to Kirkland today, with August navigating and managing logistics and Jennifer fussing with the rally computer and the in-car camera. We left Squamish late because we had to wait for a tire that didn’t show, and then we ended up hopping along the border crossings until we found the one with the shortest lineup. We won a race against a locomotive to get to the Sumas crossing, all the while laughing at what our tracker path will look like. We got to the HQ to witness the close of the driver’s meeting, which from all accounts was a practice session for the story telling that will become the staple of Alcan social interaction.

It wouldn’t be RALLY unless we did things past the last possible minute, so after tech and registration, we went shopping. We needed to fix our in car camera, and to find a good extension cord for keeping the Rex warm up north. We neglected to stop and buy Revelstoke for Dave, but we’ll try again at the Duty Free tomorrow. Who knew that beer and wine stores are closed Sundays down here? At least he’ll be happy that we have a huge truck on our team.

We might end up crediting someone for helping us every day of the Alcan, but again, a couple friends really came through for us today. The Sirius team left Squamish this morning short a studded tire that should have been there yesterday, and we will be lucky enough to get it as we pass through the lower mainland tomorrow. This is a replacement tire for the one that got shredded at Tbird last weekend. Thanks to Warwick and Fraser for going out of their ways to play personal courier this weekend.

We’re headed back to Canada during the first day of the Alcan tomorrow. Aside from a few cursory questions and a good look at us, the border guard sent us through with a smile today and we expect the same tomorrow. There could be some tales from the American competitors though. We won’t rest until we get to Quesnel, which is as far away as Josh mentioned below. There are two TSD scored regularities tomorrow, and we’re hoping to meet up with Gord’s folks and Fraser in between. The team has been discussing how to mete out the driving / navigating / passing out in the back seat duties, and so far we’re planning on taking it day by day. Tomorrow August will drive off the start line for the team; Jennifer and Gord will drive a TSD each. Whoever is still standing will probably take the last long drive to Quesnel. My bet is on Gord.


February 16, 2008 - Posted by | 2008 Winter Alcan 5000

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