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Novice Pals find Gold at 2007 Gold Digger TSD

golddigger125.jpg Sirius team members and friends successfully completed the all night Gold Digger TSD rally on Saturday/Sunday. The roads were fierce and almost hostile, with large rocks, dry mud ruts and lots of washboard kilometres. A lot of position switching occurred, with the passed cars getting roostered with gravel. Long, pitch dark transit breaks were a great chance to meet and chat with other entrants, including accomplished rallyist and two time Alcan champion Gary Webb.

Gord and Jennifer struggled with math errors and an odo that seemed in need of exorcism. They had a fantastic time, but finished last in class. Onur, Sirius member in training, got extremely lucky and landed a semi-willing codriver at the last minute, allowing him to enter the race. Jeff’s enthusiastic spontaneity was awesome, and it was good fun to watch him go for the ride of his life. They finished with an unusually low score for such carefree novices, and claimed the first novice title, previously held by Gord and Jennifer. Dave and Angie enjoyed working as sweep and checkpoint volunteers; there were also reports of some diesel truck drifting moments as well.

The late night high elevation course roads and early morning mountain views were breathtaking. The last regularity was the Green River road, which flows like an engaging stage course and had plenty of exciting turns and challenges. The morning ended with everyone looking pretty awful but feeling accomplished and happy. A likely groundless protest delayed the official announcement of the results, but it was eventually announced that Onur and Jeff finished first in novice class. We wished Jeff luck as he set out immediately after breakfast to his all day wildlife recreation course. The rest of us chilled out for the day, recovering and working on our new rally stories.

Click HERE for results.
Click HERE for event photos.


August 20, 2007 - Posted by | 2007, Rally Aftermath, RallyPals, TSD Rally

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