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Alcan Preview at SnoGit TSD 2007

sno_git.jpgJennifer, Ben, Dave and Alex had an entertaining and successful run at the SnoGit Monte Carlo TSD in Marysville this past weekend. The tarmac regularities were fast and flowing; the lack of huge rocks and potholes made it much easier to focus on keeping at speed and on navigation.

Taking tight corners signed at 15 mph at the prescribed 47 mph was very exciting and fun. Despite the thrills Alex managed to sleep through the better part of the rally, but Ben was attentive to the routebook and worked very hard. Being used to a full unlimited TSD system, he was somewhat disappointed in the team’s 73 point finish, but Jennifer was thrilled because 73 points is 100’s better than her best TSD result! Dave and Alex struggled with a stock km odo but managed to finish in 1st place novice and 13th overall. Jennifer and Ben placed 3rd in the unlimited class and 9th overall. Jennifer and Ben collected mostly excellent scores of 0, 1 and 2, but had three poor checkpoints and accumulated another 58 points, putting them out of overall contention. Jennifer got good practice at being a steady TSD driver and picked up many great ALCAN and general tips from Ben, who has placed 3rd in a previous ALCAN and has a wealth of rally experience. He made the trip from Portland to codrive Jennifer at SnoGit and hopefully they will join forces in future events.

The rally was organized, challenging and fun. Hidden checkpoints are novel to these local events and mostly the teams had no idea when they were being scored. There were no ‘tricks’ or ‘diy’ checkpoints, but there were enough unfamiliar elements to keep the Canadian entries busy. The event organizers were enthusiastic and friendly, and the team is looking forward to attending the next Pacific Northwest event, Night on Bald Mountain, on October 6th.

Link to SnoGit photos HERE.


July 22, 2007 - Posted by | 2007, Rally Aftermath, TSD Rally

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