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Prescribed Burn Comeback at Rocky Mountain Rally

rocky Sirius Rally team member Jennifer completed her first serious stage rally this weekend, as a codriver for Mark Jennings-Bates. The weather was beautiful and the stages were dry and fast. Friday’s national leg was complicated by a blown turbo hose early in the rally, and a temporary transmission failure on the final motocross park stage. Jennifer made a novice decision to check in to service early in order to maximize time to repair the turbo and incured a substantial penalty. Mark improvised an effective turbo pipe seal, and the team continued Friday lacking boost power to the turbo engine. All these setbacks left the Prescribed Burn Team in 30th place for Saturday’s regional leg.

Undeterred by the disadvantage of placing last and 1.5 minutes behind the next car, Mark and Jennifer progressed on the Saturday stages, overtaking competitors on nearly every stage. The shadymobile put on a fantastic spectator show, overtaking a car on a tight corner on an early stage, and taking a fast wrong turn and spinout later on the same corner. A questionable reseed left them behind a number of cars they passed on previous stages, but Mark was concise and assertive in regaining postition over the later stages. The team posted the fourth fastest times on SS12 and SS14 despite an ailing turbo. Jennifer progressively got a handle on the sometimes superfluous Jemba notes and allowed Mark to get a good rythym and gain substantial time on stage by the end of the day.

The Prescribed Burn / Sirius Rally Team finished in 8th Regional and 15th overall. This was an outstanding result given the mechanical troubles, penalties and codriver inexperience!!

Jennifer and Mark are looking forward to Mountain Trials Regional Stage Rally in June, where the Prescribed Burn Team will increase the level of competition and challenge the regional leaders for a top five finish.

Without Gord on Saturday the Rocket Rally crew was very busy at service. The Rocket Rally open car placed 1st in open and 3rd overall, with Gord Olsen at the wheel.

Link to Rocky Mountain photos HERE.


May 27, 2007 - Posted by | Event Updates, PBR Team, Rally Aftermath

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  1. We enjoyed the write up on your adventures – keep it up, have fun and good luck

    Comment by Mum & Dad | June 7, 2007 | Reply

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