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The ‘Lost Legacy’ Drives Again!!

The Sirius Rally Team is excited to report that Onur’s Legacy has been recovered from an isolated Squamish logging road, where it spent the winter. He stuffed it into a ditch with no gas and two flat tires in early December, and had to walk about 40 km back to civilization overnight during one of the coldest weekends in 2006.

Gord and Jennifer had joined Onur in two seperate rescue missions earlier this year, traveling up the Squamish Valley road in Gord’s hardy Legacy. The road conditions were passable but the crew was met with snowbanks over 3ft tall. ‘Peggy the Legacy’ spontaneously blew the driver’s side airbag on the last trip home, and was getting too beat to take another ride out into the woods. Onur seemed to be not entirely sure where the car even was, and we decided
to wait until a lot more snow had melted before resuming the search.

The Legacy was discovered and reported to the RCMP this past week. The towing company Onur had consulted to rescue the car last winter was called to retrieve the vehicle, and contacted Onur with the news. Onur and pal Ian set out in a rental truck to find the ‘Lost Legacy’ but were thwarted by two flat tires, and returned to town with a logging crew. They borrowed a better truck from Rob at SMD Automotive in Whistler, and managed to get up the road far enough to find the car. The windshield had been smashed, but with some gas, new tires and a new battery, Onur got to drive his car out. He had been commuting on the Greyhound all winter, and with the recent strike he’s ecstatic to have his daily driver back. Stay tuned to see if this prolonged misadventure / near death experience has been enough to remedy Onur’s total lack of self control behind the wheel….


May 20, 2007 - Posted by | Random Bytes

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