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Winner and Vintage Rallyist Weighs in on Thunderbird 2007

tbird2007lrg.png In true style and with the spirit and love of rallying that makes us all fanatics about the sport, Satch Carlson won the event in his 1969 Saab Sonett II V4, and penned a letter summarizing his Thunderbird win and many years of rally:

Hey, fellow rally loons! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all again for the support you showed to Russ Kraushaar and me – and the little red Saab Sonett. Over the years I have been in many rallies where the competition was fierce and the attitudes unfriendly; Thunderbird, however, seems to exemplify all the values of sportsmanship that are supposed to underlie all our efforts. It was amazing to me to feel that the entire field was pulling for us, especially after our mechanical mishaps on Saturday; instead of depleting the world’s supply of Kokanee in the warm, cozy bar, our friends and competitors were vying with each other to see who could round up the tools and hardware we needed to cobble together our rear suspension!

It may have sounded trite or corny when I said that this win meant more to me than anything else I’ve done since I started rallying in. . . um. . . sometime in the early 1970s, actually-but it’s true. And the reason I felt so good about the weekend was that I truly felt that we were among close friends, where victory is not nearly as important as the spirit of camaraderie and competition.

So thank you again for your support of Team AFRICA. Though to tell you the truth, this year we were more than a little envious of those terrific Eis Munky T-shirts!

See you next year in deeper snow,
Satch Carlson, Spiritual Advisor


March 2, 2007 - Posted by | Eis Munky Rally Team, Random Bytes, TSD Rally

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