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Thunderbird Rally 02.17.2007

The Eis Munky Rally Team was born! whiteeis-munky.jpgSirius Racing members joined rallyists from BC and WA to compete in the 50th annual Thunderbird Rally. Gord and Jennifer, in the Rocket Legacy, were one of the calculator class entries for this team, which proudly sported an entry from all the competition classes, and the best tshirts. They made a run at the Savoia Aero Team Prize on Feb 16-18, 2007, but due to 2 DNFs the Eis Munkys were the last place team.

Gord & Jennifer brought up the rear of the Eis Munky entries that finished the rally in 35th overall and 12th in calculator class. I have always despised math and this was a very intense and math heavy TSD event. We got lost (briefly) for a few times, but for my first real TSD codriving effort I think we did well.

Details here

Peter & Timothy Ryce1988 Mazda 323 GTX (unlimited) second overall!!! Thanks for the advice and the sealegs….

Gil Stuart & Brian Carriere1967 Volvo 123GT (historic) the oldest car in the rally… Brian C is a huge lover of rally schwag and helped get the team, logo and tshirts up and running.

Stephen Ban & Chris Peake2003 Subaru WRX Wagon (calculator) big off on Twig Creek but managed to get back on time and finish in 25th overall; 7th in calculator class.

Rob & Lucille Anderson2006 Subaru STI (novice) Marsh Lake Rocks – 2 tires = DNF + 4 new $$$ tires, but they still finished Sunday just for fun.

Alan & Emma Perry1997 Audi A4 (paper) DNF b/c of ailing suspension; Alan was great with advice for getting to DooWops.

We had a great time with everyone on the team, and hope the Eis Munkys will continue next year while we are @ Alcan.


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